About Us

Legal issues are way too complex and critical. Handling of legal matters requires knowledge, training and years of experience. In this spate of strict regulations and laws, we endeavour to provide the highest quality legal and regulatory information. We are progressing with our powerful vision and a strong board of law experts. Our commitment at iwritelegal.in lies with providing professional legal assistance in different streams such as start-up laws, legal documentation and contracts, copyrights and patents, consumer laws, registration matters, RTI filing, licensing and many others.

Based in India, we have been offering smarter ways to manage lawsuits as legal advisors. Successful till date in our venture, we have brought together the best and the most suitable lawyers to the clients.

An insight to our portfolio of products is as follows:

  • Taxation Matters: We offer expert consultancy in filing Income tax returns and tax planning. In addition to this, we also assist on issues relating to sales or service tax.
  • Cyber Laws: Service pertaining to cybercrime also includes drafting of agreements, clear stating of privacy policies and disclaimers in addition to consulting on handling lawsuits.
  • Civil Laws: This service stream overs matters related to Recovery suits, property disputes or matrimonial issues.
  • Criminal Matters: Includes matters such as defamations, banking issues like bouncing of cheques, etc.

This was just a small section of the complete list of services we cater to. For more details about our offerings, kindly send in your details and queries at info@iwriteleagal.in.